Episode #36 - "Fan Service"

Aoi Notes: 04/15/2005

The fateful Friday has come and you're all probably dying to hear what this "huge announcement" is that I've been hinting at for two weeks.

Well, we're going to print. But you better sit down for this... Shiei is going to be our new artist! Seriously, if you haven't picked up Amazing Agent Luna Vol. 1 yet, then you better run out and grab it because it is totally amazing.

Since this is such a huge announcement and I want to make sure to cover all my bases, I'm going to break from my normal diary talk and give you a little mini-FAQ to answer most of the questions you might be thinking.

1.) Oh my god! Shiei is the new artist?! That's so cool!

Yes, Shiei is officially the new artist of Aoi House and boy is she excited! In fact, she's been drawing character sketches like mad even before she got my revised character sheets, and man, they knock the panties off my head! If you missed the omake Shiei did of Morgan, then make sure you check it out!

2.) You mean Jim won't be making the leap to print?

Unfortunately, no. Jim Jimenez is currently working on another project that will be eating up a considerable amount of his time.

3.) Will there be an Episode 37 on Monday, April 18, 2005?

No, the current webmanga version of Aoi House will be concluding with today's episode.

4.) But didn't you just start Chapter 3? I wanna see how it ends!

I know. I wanted to write it too! But what I have in store for the print version puts this mall adventure to shame. If you happen to be curious where this current chapter would have gone, it would have showcased Maria's "problem" and two new characters would have joined the Aoi House cast. I'm going to stay mum on those characters as they will be brought in early on in the print version.

5.) When will Aoi House be returning?

That is still to be determined, but very soon, I assure you. We want to ensure that we're far enough into production before its grand relaunch. Don't worry...we will be releasing some omake content to make the wait bearable. All I can say is stay tuned!

6.) Will there still be an Aoi House theme song?

Yes, the J Brothers are still working on that. Hope to have some new information on that soon.

7.) I recall you talking about a "remix" a while back. Is this it?

Well, sort of. It will be relaunched as a webmanga but will also be published a number of months from now. So what you see online will be what you get in stores (except the print version will have tones and all sorts of bells and whistles added). As with all of our manga, Gomanga.com will preview the entire first volume of Aoi House.

8.) How will the print version and preview on the web be different?

The version of Aoi House that will be appearing on Gomanga.com in the future will be untoned. In fact, the second wave of Seven Seas titles (Unearthly, Aoi House and our "secret" sneak peek series) will all be presented untoned with a release schedule of three pages a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday). We will be doing this to ensure a quicker release schedule and really make the print versions something special. Here at Seven Seas, we're all about quality. And you better believe that what we're going to come out with next is definitely gonna knock your socks off! The print version of Aoi House will feature fully toned pages, 4-panel koma and a crapload of omake content!

9.) You've talked about the art, but will the story be different?

Very much so! I'm not one for repeating myself, so you better believe you can expect to see something totally new. And with Shiei on board...the otaku quotient is going through the roof!

10.) When Aoi House returns, will you still be doing Aoi Notes?

I hope to!

11.) Will the pages still have the cool colors?

We'll cross that bridge when the time comes.

12.) Will Alex and Sandy ever yaoi?

No comment. O_o

Well, I hope you're not too sad that Aoi House as you knew it is going to change. Just think of it this way, the new-and-improved version of Aoi House will be of the highest quality you can imagine and the Great Shiei will be drawing it! Yes, evolution is a very good thing (well, except for the dinosaurs).

As always, feel free to drop by the forum and tell me whatever's on your mind. ^_^

I'll see you soon. *sniff sniff*

*glomps Shiei*

- Adam Arnold