Episode #2 - "Turnabout"

Aoi Notes: 01/26/2005

Welcome back!

Boy, the response from the first installment has been absolutely wonderful. All the kind words have really helped to alleviate every one of the worries I had surrounding its launch. And best of all...people are really digging it! Woohoo!!

I know you're probably curious where I got the idea for this crazy little tale. Well, I've always considered Otaku no Video to be a venerable bible of all things otaku culture, but it only covers Otaku culture in the 80s. I wanted to take things further and have an anime club be the center of the story and a North American one at that. The other aspects just kind of evolved over time. Heck, even seeing Jim's amazing character sketches made me rethink how I wanted some of the characters to act!

I have lot of stories, but right now, I wanted to ask you, the reader, something. Did your college or school ever give out any weird freebies like the one in this story? Come drop by the FORUM and let me know. I'm curious if anyone can beat NyQuil and condoms!

- Adam Arnold